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Graveyard Shift

Benjamin had been working alone for what felt like an eternity at The Spiral Eye, the best corner-store in purgatory, known as The In-Between. Customers include the creepy, the crawly, the undead, and even the demonic!

Just when Ben is getting used to the daily grind, he's forced out of his comfort zone when Kitsch, a doting fanatic of all things in the world of the living, is hired to work beside him.

With long hours, unpredictable clientele, and secrets that could jeopardize everything, together they must brave the Graveyard Shift.

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Ben & Kitsch

Ben is tired from working retail during his time on Earth, and here he is again in the In-Between, land of the dead, working yet another register job. The worst part- he's still alive!

Kitsch is undead, though full of life- she's always wondered what it would have been like to have a real chance at life, romanticizing every bit of what it means to be alive, from getting ill to owing debt.

What starts as a truce between co-workers becomes a true friendship worth fighting for.

Kitsch is Ben's guide to The In-Between- and once his secret is out, Ben provides insight on what being from the world of the living was really like.

The two learn from one another's walk of life (or lack thereof!) and become better people.

Style Direction & Process

Graveyard Shift is headed by Dakoda "itPuddle" Star (itpuddle.com) and is animated via puppetry of digitally hand-painted character models in each shot.

The series also features a musical episode, with all original character songs.

The Spiral Eye

Ben and Kitsch are employees of The Spiral Eye, which floats in purgatory. It materializes in a variety of districts within The In-Between as needed for the locals to frequent as customers.

Being alive (and very much not a local), Benjamin cannot pilot the storefront and is trapped within The Spiral Eye until Kitsch is hired. Together they run the storefront and even make deliveries to different districts.

Graveyard Shift

Series Synopsis (Details Available)

Episode 1 - Establishing Foundation / The Spiral Eye / Benjamin Berus / Kitsch
Episode 2 - Character foiling, expanding on living/dead (The Tape)
Episode ## - Optional Episode / District Exploration
Episode 3 - Expanding on TSE as a business and the Living/Dead / First Delivery
Episode ## - Optional Episode / Second Delivery
Episode 4 - Threaten to Status Quo / Kitsch's Relation Revealed / Haunt of the Living
Episode 5 - Flashback, Beginning of Story and Benjamin's "Deal" with Grimco. / Haunt Seeps In
Episode 6 - Character Conflict / Ben confronts Kitsch / Ben's Secret / Musical Episode / Termination
Episode 7 - Rescue Mission / Rewind and Resolve / New Ways / Story Finale
Episode ## - Optional Episode / Epilogue

Graveyard Shift also has excellent clip-show potential with a variety of clientele/customer gags.